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Black Bear Debate Tournament 2023
Organized by the Little Aid Foundation
Date: 4/5/2023
Venue: Online via Tabroom
*In collaboration with the Golden State Debate Academy

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Welcome to the Black Bear Debate Tournament!

Any elementary or middle school student can join the Black Bear Debate tournament, regardless of experience in debate! For students who have little to no experience in debating, we recommend that they participate in SPAR debate. For students who are more experienced, we recommend that they participate in LD, PF, or SPAR, depending on their preferences. 

This tournament aims to provide a safe space for debaters to gain valuable experience in a friendly environment.


If you are interested, register for this tournament today! We invite all parents of registered participants to register as judges in this tournament.  

Day of Tournament



Elementary, Middle, and High School Students


Click below to register:




  • ​Topic: March/April Topic


  • Topic: March/April Topic


  • Topic: Topics will be given during rounds


  • Parents of competitors are invited to judge in this tournament!

  • All judges must be over 18 years old

  • Judges must have/must create a personal Tabroom account before the tournament and have personal devices that can connect to the internet. We will be doing e-ballots.

  • ​Judges must judge throughout the day.​

  • If a judge does not show up for a round, they will have to pay a fine.​

  • ​Click here to complete the highly recommended Cultural Competency judge training course

  • First time judging? Click here to learn how to do it! Or watch our Youtube playlist here.
    ​There are also these training cards available that include a summary of each event's rules and comments.​

  • ​More tournament resources can be found here.

LD price

  • $50 (with judge provided)

  • $100 (without judge provided)

PF price

  • $50 per competitor (with judge provided)

  • $100 per team (with judge provided)

  • $100 per competitor (without judge provided)

  • $200 per team (without judge provided)

SPAR price

  • $30 (with judge provided)

  • $80 (without judge provided)

Tournament Schedule


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